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Study Shows Wives Take Hardest Financial Hit in High-Asset Divorces

 Posted on August 27, 2014 in Complex Property Litigation

aggressive attorney, complex divorce, financial future, Georgetown complex divorce attorney, high-asset divorce, William D. Powers, financial fallAccording to a study conducted by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), husbands, especially fathers, benefit much more financially from divorces than wives. The study, Marital Splits and Income Changes over the Longer Term, revealed that when high-asset couples divorce, a husband's income increases by one-third of what it had been while married. However, a wife in a high-asset divorce can actually lose a significant amount of income, and this loss can last for years.

In addition, the loss of income for a woman who has gone through a complex divorce is even more profound if the couple has children. Typically, a wife has given up—or significantly slowed down—her high-earning career in order to take on the primary responsibility of raising the couple's children. Hence, this can cause quite a hardship when, years later in an attempt to re-enter the workforce after the divorce, a wife is unable to find a job at the same level as the one she gave up years ago.

The difference in income levels is evident even for childless couples going through complex divorces. The study discovered that a husband's income spikes by 25 percent immediately following separation. However, a wife's income, following the separation, takes a financial fall. This fall is noted as one from which the wife rarely recovers.

Since husbands walk away from a high-asset divorce with their earning capacity undamaged, and wives suffer a significant financial loss, it is important to contact an aggressive Georgetown complex divorce attorney who can help to protect your financial future. If you are going through a divorce where there is complex financial and property litigation, please consult the attorneys at Powers and Kerr, PLLC. With over 30 years experience, Attorney Bill Powers will support you throughout the entire process and ensure your needs are met.

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