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Child custody is one of the most contentious areas of family law because emotions run so high when children are involved. In many cases, parents are willing to fight tooth and nail for maximum parenting time and the greatest amount of influence on their child's life. There are some situations that can make child custody matters even more complex. At Powers and Kerr, PLLC, we are experienced in handling all types of child custody cases with compassion, understanding, and strong advocacy. Attorney Bill Powers works closely with clients to resolve child custody matters as efficiently and justly as possible.

Challenging Child Custody Situations in Texas

When parents are at odds with one another because of a divorce or contentious paternity action, creating a parenting plan for child custody becomes even more challenging. This is particularly true if one or both parents accuse the other of mental health issues, drug and/or alcohol dependency, or physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. If one parent believes the other parent to be unfit, a mutually agreed upon resolution is unlikely. We are skilled at handling situations such as these and effectively and persuasively presenting our client's case.

When a child at the center of a custody battle has special needs and/or has extraordinary health or educational needs, there can also be heightened conflict. This is particularly true if parents disagree on the child's medical treatment or projected educational path. In Texas, the court prioritizes the best interests of the child in all custody matters, and it may be necessary to have a child advocate represent those interests. We are experienced in working on cases involving child advocates and guardians ad litem. We know how to effectively argue on behalf of our clients' interests while preserving the best interests of the child.

A child custody dispute is also complicated when one parent has not been present in the child's life for a significant amount of time. These situations include:

  • When a parent has been working overseas or deployed in the military;
  • When a parent has been incarcerated;
  • When a father did not know about the child;
  • When the child is unborn or an infant; and
  • When a parent lives in another state.

When parents live far from one another, custody cases can be very challenging. In most cases, one parent will be awarded full custody with the other parent receiving visitation rights. If one parent wants to relocate after the divorce, it can be difficult to convince the Court to allow that parent to take the child out of state. We have experience working on both sides of these disputes and know how to aggressively argue for our clients' objectives.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your complex child custody case, call 512-610-6199 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your case and give you a realistic assessment of our expectations for your situation.

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