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Why Hire Austin Divorce Attorney William D. Powers?

Austin Texas Aggressive Divorce Lawyer

Family Focused Divorce Lawyer Located in Austin, Texas

Making the decision to divorce begins one of the most important legal situations most people ever face. In addition to dealing with the stress of a major life change for you and your family, you must also ensure you can look forward to a sound financial future. When you bring your issues to Austin divorce attorney Bill Powers and you benefit from a blend of knowledgeable, objective legal advice, exceptional negotiation and litigation skills, and compassionate support to get you through an emotionally charged time in your life.

The Importance of Family Focus

While the majority of family law issues involve divorce, the unfortunate truth is that divorce affects everyone in your family—and it can often extend beyond the normal settlement issues. Our firm focuses on family law, and we understand the interactions between divorce and other family issues, such as the following:

  • Adoption - The desire to adopt a child into your family can sometimes present confusing and complex legal challenges.
  • Issues Pertaining to Children - We focus on the best interests of the children during divorce. modification of custody or support after divorce, or in situations where paternity issues come into play between unmarried couples.
  • Family Violence - When violence becomes an issue within a family, the most important concern involves ensuring the protection of the family from further violent acts. Our attorneys have unique experience protecting clients affected by family violence. We can help with protective orders or other legal options to help ensure the safety of all family members during divorce.

Local Support Makes a Difference

Divorce laws may be the same throughout Texas, but local courts observe varying procedures and often make decisions based on the discretion of the judge. By focusing our practice throughout Central Texas, our attorneys have experience in local courtroom procedures—and we know local judges and understand how they make their decisions.

Contact Experienced Divorce Attorneys in Austin

When choosing a law firm to represent the best interests of you and your children, you need an attorney with exceptional knowledge of Texas divorce law and local courtroom personnel and processes. Attorney William D. Powers has over 40 years of experience helping clients through the stress of divorce and child custody matters. We compassionately guide you through the legal process and toward the best possible future for you and your children. Contact Powers and Kerr, PLLC today at 512-610-6199.

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