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In Texas, child support determinations are primarily made according to statutory mathematical formulas. These formulas are somewhat complex and can be difficult to understand. Working with an experienced attorney will provide a better understanding of your child support obligation and what, if any, additional factors may influence it.

At Powers and Kerr, PLLC, we are highly experienced in assisting clients with child support matters. We work with individuals going through divorces, involved in paternity suits, and seeking post decree modifications and enforcement measures.

Child Support Guidelines in Texas

The calculation for your child support payment is based on your gross income from all sources less your Social Security withholding, your federal income tax withholding, and your medical insurance premium (for children only), among other deductions. The resulting amount is considered your net resources and is used to determine your child support obligation. You can calculate your expected child support payment by multiplying your net resources amount by the percentage attributed to the number of children you have. The percentages are as follows:

1 Child 20% of Net Resources
2 Children 25% of Net Resources
3 Children 30% of Net Resources
4 Children 35% of Net Resources
5 Children 40% of Net Resources
6+ Children At least the amount for 5 children

The monthly child support net resources amount is currently capped at $7,500, but it is scheduled to be increased starting September 1, 2013.

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The Texas child support guidelines are not ironclad, and arguments can be made to adjust the level of support based on the child's needs and the financial abilities of both parents. Additionally, child support orders can be modified if financial circumstances for either parent changes or if the childs needs have changed in some significant way. To learn more about how child support is calculated in Texas and how we can help you navigate the family law process, call 512-610-6199 or contact us today to discuss your case.

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