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What Can I Do if My Ex is Spending Child Support Money on Themselves? 

Posted on in Child Support

austin child support lawyerChild support payments are intended to be for the direct benefit of the children following a divorce. Within that context, there is a wide range of acceptable uses for child support funds that may not all be strictly related to a child’s basic expenses. Of course, child support can be used for clothing, food, medical costs, or school expenses, but it can also be used for entertainment and vacations. 

There are almost always expenses that benefit the children as well as their custodial parents. Rent, utilities, and household items are necessary to raise a child, and a parent may save child support funds in case of emergencies. However, if a parent is spending child support money in ways that are not associated with the welfare of the children, this can be a problem. Recognizing how child support can be improperly used is important for taking action when necessary. 

How Can I Find Out How My Ex Spends Child Support? 

Parents paying child support cannot get a detailed list of how child support funds are spent. Once child support payments are ordered by a court, the parent who receives the payments has complete discretion when it comes to how they spend the payments as long as they serve the children’s best interests. Parents paying child support who are concerned about how funds are spent will need to raise the issue in court or with the Texas Child Support Division. 

Inform the Authorities if Children’s Needs Are Not Being Met

The best thing concerned parents can do is collect evidence that the child support is being used illegally or in a way that causes neglect or harm to the children. Judges or other authorities can order changes to child support or intervene to ensure the children are being appropriately cared for. This may include requiring the parent receiving child support payments to provide an accounting of how the money has been spent. If the court finds that the children have been neglected, they may even order a change of custody. 

Speak with an Austin, Texas Child Support Attorney

If you are concerned that child support is being used for frivolous expenses unrelated to your children at the expense of their well-being, an experienced Travis County child support attorney with Powers and Kerr, PLLC may be able to help you. We take child support matters seriously and will aggressively advocate on your behalf to ensure your children have what they need. Call our offices today at 512-610-6199






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