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Tragic Murder-Suicide Leaves Child's Guardianship in Question

Posted on in Family Law

Perkins and BelcherA tragedy occurred in Kansas City on December 1st, when the arguments of a couple left a 2 year old without parents.  Javon Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, argued with his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins before a team meeting.  Perkins was the mother of his daughter, 4 year old Zoey Michelle Belcher.

The argument about the previous night was punctuated by gunshots; Belcher shot Perkins multiple times, kissed his daughter and then drove to Arrowhead Stadium.  He asked to see his head coach, Romeo Crennel and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs.  After thanking them for trying to help and asking them to protect his daughter, he turned the gun on himself.

Authorities turned custody of Zoey Michelle to Cheryl Shepherd.  Shepherd, the mother of Belcher, was staying at her sons for two weeks prior to the devastating shooting.  Two weeks had passed when Shepherd filed to be Zoey's guardian and conservator of Zoey's estate in Jackson County probate court in Missouri.  Unfortunately, at this time, Shepherd no longer has custody of her granddaughter.

Perkins' family lives in the state of Texas and asked for Zoey to visit Texas for her mother's funeral.  Since Zoey has been with her maternal grandparents, Shepherd has not heard from them, received return phone calls or had her granddaughter returned to her.  Rebecca Anne Gonzalez and Darryl Perkins have also filed a lawsuit to seek temporary custody of the girl and have her home be in Tarrant County in Texas.  They also asked for a social study to review the condition of the residence the girl will stay.

Child custody is a very difficult situation to solve, especially when parties are fighting over a precious granddaughter and her million dollar estate.  If you cannot come to terms with your spouse during a divorce, then it is necessary to have a divorce lawyer who can fight for your rights.  Contact an experienced divorce lawyer in Austin who can help negotiate a custody agreement.

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