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Texas Families Anguished Over Russian Adoption Ban

Posted on in Adoption

UntitledA recent report from the News Journal of Longview, Texas reports that a recent decision by Russian lawmakers to ban American adoptions has hit close to home. Russia has previously been one of the top countries for international adoptions to the United States.

Moscow lawmakers made the decision in late December and it is only a part of the sanctions that they plan to put on the U.S. One Texas family spoke out about this ban stating that they adopted a seven year old Russian child in 2011. They also said that they have heard about several families who have been waiting to take children from Russian orphanages; making a home for them only to find out that their waiting was in vain because their adoptions were cancelled. Another family states that while the orphanage where they got their child was well run, it makes no comparison to a stable home for the children.

Many families are adding adopted children to their families even when they have biological children. Many people think that only people who cannot bear their own children would consider adoption, but that could not be further from the truth. One child that was adopted said that his possibilities were limited in Russia and that he feels that he can be anything that he wants to be in the United States. He also said that what he loves the most is that he'd have parents, brothers and sisters as well as an extended family. This is something that he could not have hoped to have as a resident in a Russian orphanage.

If you are considering adopting a local or international child, you will need the assistance of an experienced and professional Texas family law attorney. Your attorney will ensure that the process is taken care of properly.

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