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Texas couple arrested for boy's death

Posted on in Family Law
Charleston Williams, one of the adults who was arrested in relation to the case surrounding the boy's death. Charleston Williams, one of the adults who was arrested in relation to the case surrounding the boy's death.[/caption]

The father and stepmother of a San Antonio five-year-old boy were recently arrested in connection to his death. Recent details stated that the boy had only been in the couple's custody for six months.

Crystal Williams, 27, and Charleston Williams, 25, took Josiah Williams into custody after his biological mother was sent to prison. The couple now faces charges of felony injury to a child and it is unknown whether or not either of them has a lawyer.

Josiah was found unresponsive in his family's home on Thursday, December 27 with two black eyes, bruises, and cuts all over his body, according the arrest warrant affidavit. He also had gashes inside his lips and he showed signs of "prolonged malnutrition," which was proven later when it was found that the five-year-old boy weighed only 38 pounds.

It was unclear at the time what the actual cause of death was.

Charleston Williams admitted to the police that he beat Josiah with a belt and placed him in a "time out" closet, but added that his injuries were from accidental falls. The affidavit also stated the father "was adamant to the best of his knowledge (Josiah) was never struck in the head by anybody in the household." His father added that Josiah had refused to eat since moving in with his father and stepmother as well.

Crystal Williams shared that Josiah has fallen many times in the previous week, including when he "threw himself to the floor and struck his head" because he was refusing being put in a time out. The stepmother, however, said that Josiah has been eating regularly about his extreme weight loss.

Child Protective Services took custody of the couple's other two children, a 2-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy, said San Antonio police spokeswoman Sandy Gutierrez.

The Department of Family and Protective Services spokesman John Lennan added that the agency was conducting a joint investigation with the police.

The agency had previously investigated Josiah's biological mother for neglect in 2008 and 2009. Those investigations, however, did not include his father. After the second investigation, the mother was offered services through the agency and she placed Josiah with another relative, but not his father, said Lennan.

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