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New Technology Makes Spying on Spouses Easier in Complex Divorce Cases

Posted on in Complex Divorce

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As spy technology has become increasingly sophisticated and easier to use, more people are utilizing that technology to help build their divorce case. Individuals who think their spouse is cheating now have all types of tools at their disposal to track the activities of their spouse while also seeking evidence to use against the spouse in the complex divorce.

One such technology is GPS trackers, which are now made so tiny they can be placed in a spouse's clothing without their knowledge. Other GPS trackers can be placed on a spouse's car to track their movements that way. Companies who manufacturer these devices say sales have almost doubled in the past couple of years.

Hidden cameras and nannycams are also being used to catch cheating spouses. Sales for these items have already increased this year by 40 percent.

A report released earlier this year by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers revealed that 92 percent of family law attorneys had been given evidence obtained from smartphones by their clients. This evidence included call histories, emails, text messages, and even GPS locations.

There is no consistent agreement in the courts on whether or not spying on spouses is illegal. Several courts across the country have ruled that spying on a spouse violates the Federal Wiretap Act, including one case where a wife put a listening device into a child's stuffed animal in order to record her husband, and another case where a husband had put a camera in his wife's bedroom alarm clock in order to tape her.

However, other courts have also ruled that using this technology against a spouse does not violate any laws. In one Texas case, a wife accused her husband of violating the law when she found out he had put spyware on her computer and listening devices in the marital home. But a federal judge disagreed and dismissed the woman's claim.

If you are considering a divorce where there will be complex custody or high asset issues, it is critical to contact an aggressive Cedar Park family law attorney to begin planning and strategizing to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to in your divorce settlement.

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