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Why Do Powerful People Cheat?

Posted on in Complex Property Litigation

complex divorce, Leander divorce attorney, powerful people, commit infidelity, spouses who cheat, cheating spouse, Round Rock family law attorney, high asset divorce, aggressive divorce attorney, high net worth divorceA survey conducted by researchers from Tilburg University found that the more power someone has, the more likely he or she is to commit infidelity. Usually, the more power and success a person has, the larger the marital estate is, with many sources of high asset revenue. This is particularly important in a complex divorce where division of those assets need to be determined.

According to another study conducted by the National Science Foundation's General Social Survey, both men and women are cheating more frequently. Almost one-third of married men cheat and 20 percent of married women commit infidelity.

There are several reasons why powerful people cheat, and are willing to risk exposure, loss of their families and, in some cases, public humiliation.

Many people in the position of power cheat because they think they will not get caught, and often have a sense of invincibility. And, they think if they are caught cheating, it will be okay because they have the financial resources and other means to hide it. Men and women in authority are typically surrounded by people who always agree with them and do their best to placate them. This can be a real ego-boost and thus reinforces feelings of invulnerability.

There are many more opportunities for financially successful people to cheat. "Fame and fortune" are strong attractors and so there are often more than enough willing potential love interests. Loneliness, having to frequently travel for business and being away from their families, can also cause a successful spouse to cheat.

People in power often require activities that will challenge them, and they look for outlets that will give them an adrenaline rush. Having an affair, with the risk of being caught always present, can provide that excitement.

Although Texas is a no-fault divorce state, if you are involved in a complex divorce because your spouse has cheated on you, their infidelity may play a role in the direction divorce negotiations go. If you are considering a divorce that will involve complex property or other high asset litigation, contact an aggressive Leander divorce attorney today.

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