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New Study Suggests Rebound Relationships may be Beneficial

Posted on in Family Law

rebound relationship, dating after divorce, life after divorce, Austin divorce lawyer, Texas divorceWhen going through a breakup, different people will offer different advice. Some will say that it is unfair to date a new person while still having feelings for an ex.  Other people will say that the best way to move on from a split is to start dating someone new. Now there is research to say that the second option is the healthier decision.

In a joint study between Queens College in New York City and the University of Illinois, researchers interviewed over 300 young adults. Some were in committed relationships and others were single. The researchers intended to study the effects of a rebound relationship on the well-being of the recently dumped. They published their findings in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

In the scope of the study, a rebound relationship is understood as a relationship that is started quickly after the end of a serious romantic relationship, before the feelings for the ex are resolved. While it is a common occurrence, there was no scientific research examining the phenomenon.

Claudia Brumbaugh of the Department of Psychology of Queens College, City University of New York, said that "in two studies we examined people who experienced a breakup and assessed their well-being, their feelings about their ex-partner, and whether they were seeing someone new."

The answers they received showed that those who rebounded had a much better outlook on life. They recovered faster than those who were left alone.  Those in new relationships also reported higher confidence, higher self-esteem, and felt more desirable to the opposite sex.

If you have gone through a divorce or plan to file for divorce soon, it is important to move on in a way that improves your well-being. Start off by connecting to an experienced divorce attorney in Austin, Texas who can help you with a fresh beginning.

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