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More Divorces around Valentine's Day

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Child Custody

love stinks candy heartIn the middle of February, people exchange gifts like flowers, chocolates and jewelry.  They also celebrate Valentine's Day by going to fancy dinners and watching romantic movies.  But there are more divorces than any other month of the year around Valentine's Day.

After the months of holidays stretching between Thanksgiving to New Year's Day, married couples take an honest look at their partnership.  There is an opportunity to think clearly after the rush of holidays, families and vacations that allow couples to consider divorce.  This close family time could be the cause of the divorce or the reason why couples wait until the New Year.

A survey conducted by the FindLaw.com website has data to suggest that divorce really is more popular in the beginning of the year.  The website found that searches of keywords like "divorce," "family law," and "child custody" jumped nearly 50% from December to January.  Those keywords were searched 10,000 times in December of 2010 to up to 16,000 times in January of 2011.  And they only became more frequent up until April.

There are certain benefits of divorcing at that time as well.  It allows couples to traverse the hectic holiday season without adding divorce.  It proves to be beneficial to children in the family as well to postpone divorce, even perhaps to give the relationship one last chance.  There is also a financial benefit.  February begins the tax season, and if you remained married through December, you can file jointly and save.  Some people even use their tax refunds to fund divorce filing fees.

February allows you to really take an inventory of your relationship.  If you have found that divorce is your best option, then it is important to have the guidance of a legal professional.  Contact a skilled divorce attorney in Austin to review your next steps today.

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