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Five Common Mistakes before Filing for Divorce

Posted on in Divorce

divorce planDivorce is a whirlwind of emotions.  These emotions can occasionally cause those involved to act emotionally rather than rationally.  It is an important event in your life so avoiding mistakes is essential.  Learn from others to avoid these common errors that people make when thinking about divorce.

1. Not reviewing your relationship

When emotions run hot, it can be easy to let them cloud your decision making process, but try to focus long term.  Do you still love your spouse? Do you still have a spark for your partner?  Have they done something to you that you can't forgive and forget?  No one should be forced to settle, but make sure you take enough time to know what you want before you make a life changing decision.

2.  Not preparing before telling your spouse

The preparation for divorce is important for your future after dissolving your marriage.  Good preparation includes compiling financial information like marital assets, income records, and tax returns.  This is easier to do before telling your spouse about the divorce.  Take time to make sure you have everything you need before springing the news.

3.  Not reviewing your finances with a planner

Since you have a financial data about your marriage, it is important to meet with a financial planner.  This will allow you to make a sustainable plan for your division of property.  For example, if you are trying to keep your marital home, then you should know if you can afford it.  Having the property is only good if you can maintain it.

4.  Not keeping your job or accepting less hours

There is a trend for the higher income-earning spouse to lower their income to change the amount of spousal support ordered by the court.  This is called "willful underemployment" and could possibly backfire on you.  By abandoning your responsibilities, you could be ordered to pay an amount of maintenance to your spouse that you cannot afford.

5.  Not seeking support through the divorce

It is important to have the support of family and friends during this transition in your life.  Having someone on your team will help you gain perspective on what is important.   Another type of support you need is legal.  Contact an experienced family law attorney in Austin who can guide your through the divorce process.

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