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Divorce Season Following the Holidays

Posted on in Divorce

Texas divorce attorney, Texas complex litigation lawyerIn the midsts of the holidays, not everyone is full of cheer and happiness. Thousands of homes across the country are in the middle of strife and anxiety, more than that associated with entertaining for the holidays. Recent studies show an increase in divorce cases following the holidays. Many psychologists offer possible reasoning for the rise.

Bad Gifts

In most divorces following the gift-giving seasons, the gift actually may be the straw figuratively breaks the camel’s back. Although the gift is not the primary reason for divorcing someone after several years or even decades of marriage, each year the other spouse has renewed hope that this year will be better. When a gift is given that solidifies incompatibility between spouses, many lose the faith of improving conditions. Unless the gift is truly outlandish, the recipient has predetermined based on other factors that unless their spouse “knocks this one out of the park,” the marriage is over.

Last Ditch Effort

Be it a product of wishful thinking or hope to reinvent decades of holiday movies, many couples believe in holiday miracles. The days between Halloween and New Year’s Day is a time for togetherness. The weather gets cooler and in many homes across the United States, feuding couples set aside their differences to warm up together beside a fire. Additionally, the seasonal festivities and overall feelings of cheer create an atmosphere of peace and harmony, the perfect environment for healing a relationship. Many couples agree to give their relationship one last try for the holidays, putting off the divorce until after the new year begins.

A New Year, a New Beginning

Not localized to the United States, nearly the whole world celebrates the start of the new year. A large percentage of the population takes part in creating a New Year’s resolution, a promise to themselves and often their loved ones to improve and make this year better than the previous. Many choose to return to school, quit a habit, or lose weight. For couples on edge, the New Year signifies the time to begin a journey to a better life for both of them, opting to part ways through a divorce.

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, there are many issues to consider. From the child arrangements to asset division and everything in between, an aggressive Cedar Park complex divorce lawyer can assist you in the process. Contact Powers and Kerr, PLLC at 512-610-6199 and we will help schedule a consultation





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