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Child Custody and the Bird's Nest Arrangement

 Posted on October 27, 2017 in Child Custody

Texas divorce attorneyThe type of parenting schedule that is best for a family depends on the specific circumstances of each case. For example, the division of parenting time and responsibilities for a family where both parents work full-time may look very different from the arrangement made by another couple, where one of the parents stays home with the kids. Often, finding the correct arrangement is difficult, especially if the children involved are very young.

In recent years, more and more couples with young children are implementing what is commonly referred to as a bird's nest arrangement. Under this model, the couple’s children continue to live in the marital home while the parents take turns sharing it with them according to a predetermined schedule. While the bird's nest arrangement has proven successful for many parents, it is not right for every family, so if you are going through a divorce and are considering implementing this type of custody arrangement, it is critical to first speak with an experienced complex child custody lawyer who can explain the potential advantages and drawbacks of this type of plan.

The Advantages

Whether a family chooses to implement the bird's nest model on a temporary basis or permanently, this arrangement has a number of advantages for children. Specifically, bird's nest arrangements can provide children with the continuity that they need by allowing them to stay in their home full-time. Children who are shuttled back and forth between two homes often suffer from emotional upheaval and may begin to act out or struggle in school. For many families, allowing minor children to remain in familiar surroundings can lend a sense of stability to an emotionally fraught situation. Many couples also find that using this method allows for easier communication.

Possible Drawbacks

Implementing the bird's nest arrangement can be expensive, as it requires both parties to continue to shoulder the burdens of maintaining the family home, while also paying for a separate place to live. However, it can also save the parties money in the long run because they will not need to find a separate residence that is large enough for the children or pay to furnish that residence. It’s also important to note that coming and going to a shared home can adversely affect a person’s work schedule, especially if traveling back and forth from the secondary residence to the home cuts into work time.

Some of the biggest challenges faced by couples who choose to implement a bird's nest arrangement are emotional in nature. This is especially true when there is a high level of hostility between the parties that would make sharing a home, even in this limited capacity, not only stressful but also potentially damaging for the couple’s children.

Speak to a Complex Child Custody Lawyer

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