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Can Social Media Be Useful During a Divorce?

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It's not uncommon to hear things about social media causing damage to a marriage or a divorce, whether it is by causing infidelity or providing evidence that one party is not fit to have custody of a child. However, some people are beginning to see the benefits that come with using social media whilst going through a divorce.

One simple way social media can aid in the divorce process is by providing a way to find various resources and services. You can use social media to look up information on how to handle custody or divorce in general, or even to look up a trusted attorney.

Virginia L Colin, Ph.D., a certified professional family mediator has stated that social media can be used to "find information about matters such as spousal support (alimony), how to tell the kids (you are getting divorced), whether retirement accounts are marital assets in their state," and so forth.

Social media can also provide a way to keep tabs on and stay connected with your children, in the event that you are a military parent or have moved somewhere after your divorce that does not permit you to see your children often. Social media allows parents to still be present in their child's life so that they do not have to struggle with scheduling some sort of visitation, which, in some cases, the child does not want to do.

A family law attorney and partner in Virginia stated that "if there is a physical distance between the parties and the children, (especially with) a military parent on deployment a foreign service parent assigned abroad or a corporate parent who is assigned to an office in a different country or part of the country for a period of time, a family site or 'friending' a child's site is a great way for the parent to stay actively involved in the child's life."

While social media, when used in destructive ways, can have negative effects on marriages on divorce, if used correctly, it can be very beneficial. If you or somebody you know is going through a divorce and has any questions, do not be afraid to contact an experienced Texas divorce attorney to assist you.

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