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Bad Connections: Linking Depression to an Unsupportive Spouse

Posted on in Family Law

A recent research study highlights the connection between individuals feeling depressed and a lack of support from their spouse. The study found a strong link between the relationships that an individual has with their loved ones and their likelihood of experiencing depression in the future. There's a strong association between fighting and lack of support early on and emotional problems for the individuals in the future.

Laura Austin divorce attorney,Anyone who noted strain on their current marriage or relationship was much more likely to face depression later on. Knowing about the signals of a bad marriage can help a person know when it's time to file for divorce. A strained marriage can put a lot of pressure on not only the people in the marriage, but their children and other loved ones as well. A lack of support can have a serious impact on the other spouse, including emotional problems and issues making new friends. This kind of problem can also cause resentment to build within the marriage. What is unique about this study is that those without a spouse did not face any increased risk of depression down the line.

It's well documented how much a positive marriage can impact a person's life, but there can also be devastating consequences when the spouse is simply not supportive or helpful to their partner. The study determined that those with the "lowest quality" relationships (meaning those where severe strain and emotional troubles were already reported) face nearly double the risk of depression when compared with those in the best relationships.

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