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Divorce and How it Affects Men's Health

Posted on in Divorce

divorce-mens-healthDivorce is rarely described as easy.  Despite the frequency of divorce, the impact of divorce is often significant.  And it seems to be particularly difficult for men.  An article in the Journal Of Men's Health, a peer-reviewed publication that addresses the disparity in life expectancy between men and women, discusses how divorce affects men's psychological, biological, social, and spiritual health.

Psychological Health

From a psychological and behavioral standpoint, unmarried men are more prone to depression, anxiety and substance abuse.  Men who divorce have lower levels of happiness and self-acceptance.  In fact, the article states that divorced or separated men are ten times more likely to undergo psychiatric care than married men.

Biological Health

Studies have found that married men live longer than unmarried men.  The increased mortality rates in unmarried men are attributed to a wide variety of causes, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, pneumonia and suicide.  Married men have better health habits, better records of medical compliance, and more frequent monitoring of health status, all of which could positively affect mortality rates.

Social and Spiritual Health

Lack of social support is a common problem in divorce, but the article finds that men struggle most in finding access to support.  Divorce also leads to a loss of identity and purpose, with men searching for meaning in their lives.  The article discusses the idea that divorcing men are trying to bring closure to their situation and understand their loss as a method of coping.  And if a man holds a spiritual belief that is opposed to divorce, this can complicate the adjustment to his divorced lifestyle.

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