Texas custody attorneyMany grandparents play a crucial role in their grandchildren’s lives and in some situations, they can continue to do so even after the child’s parents have dissolved their marriage. However, this is not always true, in which case, children may be prevented by one parent from seeing their grandparents. In Texas, it is possible for grandparents to receive a court order allowing them to visit their grandchildren, although obtaining such an order can be a difficult process, especially if one of the child’s parents vehemently opposes visitation, so if you are seeking visitation with your grandchild, it is critical to contact a complex child custody lawyer who has the experience and resources to assist you.

Establishing Standing

Grandparents must have standing before visitation will be granted, which means that they must be able to prove the following:

In most cases, the last factor is the most difficult for grandparents to prove and it is often necessary to obtain the services of an expert who can testify as to the child’s development and specific needs.

Who Can Petition the Court for Visitation?

Once standing has been established, family law courts will still only grant visitation with a grandchild if there is evidence that visitation would be in the child’s best interests, and that the biological child of the grandparent:

There are also certain situations when a grandparent cannot request visitation. For instance, grandparents are not permitted to petition the court seeking visitation if both of a child’s parents are deceased or have had their parental rights terminated or voluntarily surrendered. Grandparents are also prohibited from petitioning the court for visitation if a child is adopted by someone other than a stepparent.

Establishing the necessary elements is notoriously difficult in these types of cases and generally, visitation is only awarded in limited circumstances, so if you are seeking visitation with a grandchild, you should speak with an attorney before filing a petition.

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