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How Do I Stop My Spouse From Getting My Business After Divorce?

 Posted on February 26, 2024 in High Asset Divorce

Austin, TX complex divorce lawyerProtecting your major assets like a business during a divorce can be a complex process, especially if your spouse has been involved with the business throughout your marriage. It takes an experienced Texas complex divorce lawyer to aggressively advocate for your rights and ensure that your desires to keep your business after your divorce are recognized.

The Impact of Divorce on Your Business

Divorce is a complicated process, and once you have decided to pursue a divorce in Texas, you may start worrying about how a divorce will impact your business. After all, the majority of divorces include the valuation of assets such as businesses or other properties, and your spouse may be fighting for an equal or majority division of some assets, depending on your specific divorce situation.

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How Do I Act in Court During a Divorce?

 Posted on February 20, 2024 in Contested Divorce

Austin, TX divorce attorneyDivorce can be a stressful process full of contention, and if your divorce is contested or especially complex, you may find it difficult to be civil with your spouse. However, there are certain things you should avoid doing while in divorce court and facing your spouse. An experienced Texas divorce lawyer can help you prepare and set your expectations for how to act in court during your divorce.

Tips For Behaving in Divorce Court

As you go through the process of divorce, it is highly likely that you will face your spouse in court or during meditation one or more times. If you are dealing with a stressful or nasty divorce that has lots of conflict, you may find it hard to tolerate being around your spouse, even in divorce court. That being said, you should not behave in certain ways that may hurt the outcome of your divorce.

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Does Every Texas Divorce Need an Attorney?

 Posted on February 14, 2024 in Complex Divorce

Austin, TX aggressive divorce lawyerComing to the decision to pursue a divorce from your spouse is stressful, and you are no doubt wondering about the first steps to take in this process. Divorces in Texas can be complex, and while you are not legally required to have an attorney during your divorce, having a legal professional to advocate for you and your rights is essential for ensuring your divorce agreement is favorable. An experienced Texas divorce lawyer can explain your options.

Is It Possible to Divorce Without a Lawyer?

In Texas, no-fault and uncontested divorces are possible. An uncontested divorce has the potential to be settled without a lawyer, though this process can be confusing to navigate alone. If you are pursuing an uncontested divorce, it is important to note that you and your spouse must meet certain requirements and that you do not disagree about any factor of your divorce.

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Can Divorce Affect My Adopted Child?

 Posted on February 02, 2024 in Adoption

Blog ImageDivorce can be a complicated process, and if you and your spouse have recently adopted a child, or if you have adopted your partner’s biological child, you may be wondering if this will affect your divorce proceedings. An experienced Texas divorce lawyer can answer your questions about child custody and adoption as you navigate your divorce.

How Will the Courts Treat My Adopted Child During Divorce?

Regardless of whether you have adopted your spouse’s biological child or if you and your spouse made the decision to adopt a child together, the courts will treat your adopted child during a divorce exactly the same as they would any biological child. Once you adopt a child in Texas, they are treated no differently from a biological child in terms of rights.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you and your spouse have been moving through the adoption process and have yet to adopt, but are planning to divorce before this process is completed, you may run into some challenges. Additionally, birth parents may be able to step in and stop an adoption if the adoptive parents start the divorce process before the adoption is final.

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Will My Child Custody Case Need a Guardian Ad Litem?

 Posted on January 26, 2024 in Child Custody

Travis County child custody lawyerDuring the process of divorce, child custody issues often arise. These issues are made more complex by the refusal of both parents to come to agreements on parenting plans, or one spouse is experiencing issues with substance abuse or situations that bring their ability to have custody of the child into question. In some cases, complex child custody issues need the assistance of a guardian ad litem to help advocate for the best interests of the shared child.

A Texas child custody lawyer can help review your child custody case and provide you with guidance on whether or not a guardian ad litem is needed.

What Is the Role of a Guardian Ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem is an advocate appointed by a court to represent a person's best interests. In a child custody case, a guardian ad litem advocates for the child's interests in any agreements regarding educational choices, custody plans, and medical or healthcare choices. With the help of a guardian ad litem, a complex child custody case that is highly contested can stay focused on the shared child's needs and best interests.

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Will a Protective Order Affect My Texas Divorce?

 Posted on January 22, 2024 in Divorce

Austin divorce lawyerSeeking a divorce from someone who may be abusive or violent is difficult, and you may need to obtain a protective order during your Texas divorce. If you take out a protection order, it is important to know how it might affect the divorce process. Consult an experienced Texas divorce lawyer for details on obtaining a protective order and guidance for the divorce process.

How Do I Get a Protective Order in Texas?

You must file for one in court if you need to obtain a protective order in Texas. The Texas Family Code details who may be eligible to obtain a protective order, and these are typically filed by an attorney, an adult seeking protection from a spouse or another individual, or a family member with guardianship over a minor or another individual.

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Can My Spouse Stop Me From Gaining Child Custody?

 Posted on January 12, 2024 in Child Custody

Austin child custody lawyerDuring a divorce, one of the most challenging things to deal with is child custody division. With both parents likely wanting to maximize their time or with one parent advocating for most of their child's custody, it isn't easy to agree.

Suppose you wonder whether your spouse can stop you from gaining child custody. In that case, meeting with a Texas child custody lawyer to explore your options and pursue a fair child custody arrangement is essential. Get the important legal guidance you need.

Navigating a Child Custody Battle

Child custody battles are highly stressful, and these challenges can stretch if you and your spouse are finding it hard to agree. According to the Texas Family Code, either parent can be granted custody over a child depending on their best interests. This replaces former laws that favored the mother of a child as the primary custodial parent.

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Can I Request a Paternity Test During a Divorce?

 Posted on January 05, 2024 in Paternity

Travis County paternity lawyerSome of the most significant issues that are raised during a divorce are child custody and parental agreements. If you have questions about whether or not you are the father of the child or if you need confirmation about the parent of your child, you need to request a paternity test during your divorce. An experienced Texas paternity attorney can help you explore your options for a fair divorce.

Why Request a Paternity Test During Divorce?

Establishing the parentage of a parent is essential for both married and unmarried parents, but it is especially important when it comes to divorce. Verifying who a child's father is helps to determine child custody payments, parental agreements, and other complex child custody issues.

Common reasons that either spouse may request a paternity test during their divorce include:

How Are Assets Divided During My Texas Divorce?

 Posted on December 29, 2023 in Divorce

Austin divorce lawyerNavigating a divorce is stressful, and if you share many assets with your spouse, you may be wondering how these assets will be divided. Property, bank accounts, and even businesses have the potential to be divided during a divorce, and you no doubt want to receive the most fair division of assets for your situation. Having an Austin divorce lawyer in your corner is important when looking through your assets and how they will be divided.

Understanding the Division of Assets in Texas

In Texas, any properties acquired during marriage are considered community property. During your divorce, any assets that have been developed or contributed to by both spouses will fall under the category of community property and be divided as evenly as possible. Debts acquired during the marriage will also be divided.

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How Can I Win My Child Custody Case?

 Posted on December 19, 2023 in Child Custody

Travis County child custody lawyerMany parents going through a divorce are interested in putting their child's needs first and want to be sure they win their child custody case. However, several factors go into determining child custody, and complex child custody cases make this process more stressful. An experienced Texas child custody lawyer can help you navigate child custody agreements and work for the best results for your child.

What Makes a Child Custody Case Complex?

Emotions tend to run high during child custody cases, and when a child custody case is not able to be settled amicably, it becomes more complex. Issues that might make child custody difficult to navigate through include:

  • One parent accuses the other of abuse, including sexual abuse or substance abuse.
  • One parent accuses the other of being unfit.
  • A child has special needs or medical issues that need to be factored into a child custody plan.

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