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TX divorce lawyerWhen parents get divorced, they may need to address a wide variety of complex child custody issues. In addition to determining how they will work together to raise their children going forward, they will need to make decisions about when children will spend time with each parent, who will have a say in major decisions about children’s lives, and other matters related to parents’ rights and responsibilities.

Whether parents are able to reach an agreement on these decisions, or a judge makes a final ruling on matters related to child custody, the terms of the parents’ divorce decree are meant to remain in place going forward. However, parents may wish to modify the terms of their parenting agreement in some situations, including cases where a parent plans to move to a new home with their children. Both parents will want to understand their rights and the procedures followed in cases involving parental relocation.

Parental Relocations and Geographical Restrictions

In most Texas divorce cases, parents will be named as “joint managing conservators” of their children. This means that they will share equal rights and responsibilities when making decisions about how their children should be raised. However, one parent will usually be granted the exclusive right to determine the children’s primary residence. This parent will typically be the “custodial parent” with whom children spend most of their time.


Texas custody attorney, Texas family law attorneyA new law, House Bill 453, was recently introduced in the Texas Legislature. If passed, the law would establish a presumption of equality between both fathers and mothers in regards to the division of parenting time during divorce proceedings. Technically, the legal presumption that favored mothers over fathers was eliminated in 1974. However, the law still provides that one parent will be the main custodian of the child, leaving the other parent time according to a standard schedule. If passed, the new law could significantly affect custody determinations, so if you are considering a divorce and have children, it is important to contact an experienced Williamson County complex child custody attorney who can explain your legal options.

House Bill 453

Currently, Texas law does not retain a provision for an equal division of parenting time between both parents. Although some judges consider granting schedules that reflect this policy, many others do not. House Bill 453 attempts to address this by changing the law to help parents share the duties and rights of raising a child equally, even after a marriage is dissolved.

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