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Texas child custody attorney, Texas family law attorneyThe presence of extended family members can play an important role in the life of a young child. In most cases, parents are only too happy to involve their own parents in the lives of their children. When parents restrict visitation, however, some grandparents may attempt to obtain a court order allowing visitation. Obtaining this type of court order can be an uphill battle, which makes it especially important to retain the services of an experienced child custody attorney.

Filing a Lawsuit

To request possession of or access to a grandchild, a biological or adoptive grandparent must file either:


Texas complex child custody attorney, Texas high-asset divorce attorneyAll parents share a common goal: the best interests of the children. That being said, parents often have very different opinions of what is "best." Moreover, they often sharply disagree as to the methods used to achieve that common goal.

In terms of their approach, many lawyers are far too aggressive in child custody disputes. A court hearing is unlike some other forums, where the people with the loudest voices typically get their way. In fact, this approach often backfires. Many judges rightly believe that parents who recklessly attack the other side lack the co-parenting skills needed for a successful post-divorce parent-child relationship.

Controlled aggression, along with thorough preparation, often achieves the best results in complex custody actions. What evidence can support a party's arguments in court?


complex accountingQuite often, asset and property division involve complex accounting measures in high-asset divorce cases.

Assume that Husband owned an investment portfolio prior to the marriage. Initially, he only contributes funds from his separate bank account. As time passes, however, both Husband and Wife begin investing money, and sometimes these funds come from a Wife's separate bank account.

Also assume that Wife owned a rental house prior to the marriage. The couple subsequently elected to take out a second mortgage on the marital residence and use the proceeds to renovate the rental property. Before the renovations, the house was essentially un-rentable and borderline uninhabitable. Since the renovations, the house has been continually occupied by a responsible tenant who pays market-rate rent.


Austin divorce attorney, Cedar Park complex divorce attorney, commit financial infidelity, complex divorce, complex divorce settlements, financial infidelity, high asset divorce, Round Rock family law attorneyAccording to National Endowment for Financial Education, one-third of people admit to financial infidelity in their marriage. Income, bank accounts, purchases, cash, and other financial information are just some of the items that may be hidden from a spouse. Not only can this have consequences on a marriage, it can also have a direct bearing on any complex divorce settlements should the couple's marriage end.

There are several ways people can hide income and assets from a spouse in order to avoid including them in the marriage estate. A spouse who is going through a high asset divorce and suspects the other spouse has committed financial infidelity should consider the following:

  • A spouses who are trying to hide money will transfer funds into a separate account that has just his or her name on it;


complex divorce, Leander divorce attorney, powerful people, commit infidelity, spouses who cheat, cheating spouse, Round Rock family law attorney, high asset divorce, aggressive divorce attorney, high net worth divorceA survey conducted by researchers from Tilburg University found that the more power someone has, the more likely he or she is to commit infidelity. Usually, the more power and success a person has, the larger the marital estate is, with many sources of high asset revenue. This is particularly important in a complex divorce where division of those assets need to be determined.

According to another study conducted by the National Science Foundation's General Social Survey, both men and women are cheating more frequently. Almost one-third of married men cheat and 20 percent of married women commit infidelity.

There are several reasons why powerful people cheat, and are willing to risk exposure, loss of their families and, in some cases, public humiliation.


spying, Cedar Park, Cedar Park family law attorney, complex divorce, complex divorce attorney, Federal Wiretap Act, Georgetown family law attorney, GPS tracker, high asset divorce, Leander family law lawyer, Round Rock family law attorney, spy technology, spying on spouses, Powers and Kerr, PLLC, Williamson County, Williamson County family law attorneyUnlike simple divorces, where negotiations regarding divorce settlement can wrap up fairly quickly, high-asset divorces or other complex divorce issues can require a great deal of investigation and research in order to get the best settlement possible.

As spy technology has become increasingly sophisticated and easier to use, more people are utilizing that technology to help build their divorce case. Individuals who think their spouse is cheating now have all types of tools at their disposal to track the activities of their spouse while also seeking evidence to use against the spouse in the complex divorce.

One such technology is GPS trackers, which are now made so tiny they can be placed in a spouse's clothing without their knowledge. Other GPS trackers can be placed on a spouse's car to track their movements that way. Companies who manufacturer these devices say sales have almost doubled in the past couple of years.


Cedar Park, complex divorce, complex divorce attorney, complex divorce settlements, divorce financial planners, financial planners, Georgetown family law attorney, high asset divorce, Leander family law lawyer, Round Rock family law attorney, Powers and Kerr, PLLC, Williamson County, Williamson County family law attorneyAn increasing number of couples are trying to negotiate complex divorce settlements and are turning to divorce financial planners. Many attorneys representing wealthy clients in these high asset divorce negotiations are recommending the clients consult with financial planners before finalizing their divorce settlements.

Quite a few financial planners are adding divorce planning to their list of specialties. According to a survey conducted by the Financial Planning Association, 25 percent of planners have already done so and another 20 percent said they plan on offering the service to clients.

Currently, there are approximately 1,700 certified divorce planners. This represents a 40 percent increase since 2011.


Cedar Park, Georgeton, high asset divorce, Leander family law lawyer, Round Rock family law attorney, Williamson County, complex divorce, complex divorce attorney, Williamson County family law attorney, divorce settlementArguments in marriage are inevitable. In fact, arguing can often be quite healthy, as a way to air differences that may be building up. Arguing is also a way to for couples to reinforce their intimacy, knowing both are able to disagree and compromise, yet still love one another.

However, arguments that seem to continue and never get resolved are anything but good for a marriage. For many couples, instead of compromise, they find their arguments escalate into shouting matches, with threats of divorce thrown throughout.

If this is happening to you, there are signs that you could be headed for a divorce. It is important to evaluate where your marriage is headed, especially if you anticipate a high asset divorce battle with your spouse. If there are significant assets or other complex issues involved, then you need to be prepared.

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