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TX divorce lawyerDivorcing couples with unique, diverse, or especially valuable assets face a host of unique issues. For instance, many high asset divorces require couples to decide the fate of multiple properties, including not only the family home but also vacation homes and investment properties. This can be a complicated process, so if you are going through a divorce and have been unable to come to an agreement about who will retain ownership of one or more vacation properties, it is important to contact an experienced high asset divorce attorney who will aggressively represent your interests, whether during negotiations or in the courtroom.

How Are Assets Categorized During Divorce in Texas?

Texas is a community property state, which means that only assets that were acquired during a marriage must be divided in the event of divorce. When it comes to real estate, this is true regardless of whose name is on a title or deed. Unlike community assets, separate property is any property that was owned by either spouse before the marriage took place. The only exceptions to these rule apply in cases of inheritance, in which case, a person’s assets can be considered separate property even if they were acquired during the marriage.

Vacation Homes as Community Property

Under these rules, whether a couple’s vacation home needs to be divided upon divorce would depend on when it was purchased. If it was acquired during the marriage, both parties would have rights to a share in the property. This could take the form of one spouse retaining sole ownership of the family home, while the other took up residence in the vacation home. Alternatively, the couple could decide to sell the property and divide the proceeds.


Texas divorce attorney, Texas complex litigation lawyerRecently, a Texas legislator proposed a bill that, if passed, would make it much more difficult for couples to obtain a divorce in the state, so if you are considering a divorce and have questions or concerns about the filing process, it is important to contact an experienced complex divorce attorney who can help protect your interests.

Fault-Based Divorce

Texas has been a no-fault divorce state since the 1970s. This means that couples who wish to legally separate do not need to file for divorce based on the fault of one party. Instead, the parties can obtain a divorce based on the grounds of “insupportability," which does not require proof of fault. If passed, the newly proposed bill would require divorcing couples to assert that one of the parties was at fault for the divorce, which could include any of the following reasons:


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Texas child custody attorney, Texas family law attorneyThe primary concern of family court judges when creating a custody agreement is that the arrangement be in the child’s best interest. In some cases, this requires courts to modify an existing custody agreement due to changed circumstances. Establishing that a modification is in the best interest of a child can be difficult, so if you live in Texas and believe that a modification of your custody arrangement is necessary, it is vital to speak with an experienced child custody attorney who can explain your legal options.


Either parent can petition the court for the modification of an existing custody arrangement as long as they can provide evidence that modification would be in the best interest of the child and:

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