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Texas divorce attorneyDissolving a marriage does not necessarily have to be contentious. In fact, many couples are able to come to decisions regarding custody, child support, and property division without a judge’s intervention. When this is possible, it can significantly cut down on expenses, save time, and help protect children from the more emotional aspects of divorce. Mediation is one of the best ways to achieve this type of result, so if you and your spouse are both focused on an amicable divorce, please contact a member of our experienced divorce legal team to learn more about your options.

What Does the Mediation Process Involve?

Mediations are one of the most popular methods of negotiating a divorce settlement and involve a meeting between both parties, their respective lawyers, and a neutral third party. This third party, known as a mediator, is tasked with helping couples resolve the following kinds of issues by facilitating discussion and negotiation:


Texas divorce laws, Texas high asset divorce lawyer, For certain types of cases, collaborative law may be an excellent tool for a high-asset divorce and other similar family law proceedings.

When the legislature enacted Chapter 15 of the Family Code in 2001, it was one of the first collaborative law statutes in the country. Two years later, the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas, one of the leading practice groups in the state, had only a few members.

But very soon, the word got out. By 2010, the Institute had grown to over 500 members, and a statistically significant number of hotly-contested high net worth divorce cases now do not see the inside of a courtroom until the very end of the process.


Texas collaborative law attorney, Texas complex litigation lawyer, Texas divorce attorney,When asked for a quick definition of collaborative law, many attorneys may say something like "ongoing mediation." Although this synonym is not entirely inaccurate, it does not capture the essence of collaborative law nor does it explain why it is a viable alternative, at least in many cases.

To briefly summarize, collaborative lawyers work with the parties to resolve property division in a high-asset divorce, complex custody disputes, and related matters.



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Texas high-asset divorce attorney, Texas mediation lawyer, Cedar Park family law attorney,Most Texas courts require parties to mediate a contested family law matter prior to trial. Other times, the parties may attempt to resolve a case before it comes to that point. Mediation is not always successful, but it is almost always worth a try, particularly in a high-asset divorce.

If mediation is an option, the first step is to choose an effective mediator. It is important to use an attorney who practices family law in the area. Anyone else may be unfamiliar with the legal process, with the law applicable to your case and with the judges in that jurisdiction. If a court has ordered the parties to use a certain person, the judge is sometimes willing to reconsider that directive.

Mediations are normally full-day affairs. The parties meet at a neutral location – typically the mediator's office or a conference facility – and the attorneys make brief opening statements. Afterwards, the parties retire to separate rooms and the mediator conducts shuttle diplomacy by conveying offers and counteroffers until an agreement is reached.

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