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Cedar Park complex divorce attorney, complex litigation, high-asset divorce, high-asset divorce attorney, divorce negotiations, complex divorce negotiations, complex custodyThere are many decisions that need to be made when going through a high-asset divorce. Various key issues that divorcing couples face include child custody and support, property and asset division, and spousal support. In addition, even the most "friendly" divorces can suddenly turn contentious when one of these high-priority issues reveal a couple is on opposite ends of the agreement spectrum. Hence, it is critical to consult an aggressive attorney who is experienced in complex divorces.

It is also critical to communicate clearly with your high-asset divorce attorney. He or she is there to represent you, so it is important to articulate your exact wishes. Make sure your attorney is aware of what you feel is appropriate when it comes to equitable distribution of a marital estate and spousal support. Also, it is okay to say "no" to a suggestion your attorney makes, after carefully considering what he or she suggests. Share your reasons why you feel the suggestion is not the right course of action for you. But remember, the whole key to negotiating is that you often have to give up something in order to receive something else you want more.

With that said, there are also instances where it is okay to hold your ground and not back down to what you feel is best for you or your family.


asset transfers, Cedar-Park high-asset divorce attorney, computer browser history, electronic footprint, high-asset divorce attorney, uncover hidden assetsIt is all too common, especially in a high-asset divorce, for one spouse to attempt to hide assets and property from the other spouse in an effort to deprive that spouse of his or her fair share of the marital estate. According to one survey, in two out of three marriages, at least one spouse is hiding assets from the other.

Typically, a spouse who is hiding the assets implemented a plan to do so long before the decision to divorce was "official" between the two. This deception can be done in a number of ways, including transferring assets in other family members or friends names, secret accounts, and safe deposit boxes. It was not so long ago that trying to uncover hidden assets was almost impossible; however, with the technology available today, as well as required legal documentation because of federal laws such as the Patriot Act, it is almost impossible to not leave some kind of electronic footprint of asset transfers.

If you suspect your spouse of hiding assets, there are steps you can take to find out what he or she has been up to. Checking your spouse's computer browser history or installing software that will reveal the websites your spouse is visiting may give clues as to where he or she is hiding funds.

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