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Texas high asset divorce attorney, Texas complex litigation lawyer, hidden assets, Constructive fraud is quite common in high net worth divorce cases. Many times, these matters involve long-term marriages which slowly deteriorated over a period of several years, giving the spouses ample opportunity to surreptitiously redirect community funds. There is also a compounding factor; for example, Wife may think little of giving children from a prior marriage a few hundred dollars a month without Husband's knowledge, but over the years, the community estate may lose tens of thousands of dollars.

In decades past, a separate tort lawsuit was about the only option for recovery of these funds. These cases are difficult to file, due to statute of limitations issues, and difficult to win, because of different evidentiary requirements. Moreover, even if they have substantial incomes, many Texans are essentially judgement proof. But the law recently changed, and fraud victims now have a remedy within the divorce procedure itself.



Cedar-Park high-asset divorce attorney, hidden assets, high-asset divorces, uncovering hidden assetsHiding assets from another spouse is an all too common scenario in high-asset divorces. Often, the offending spouse feels he or she is entitled to those assets and the other spouse is not. Hiding assets in a divorce is against the law; however, even that fact does not deter an unscrupulous spouse from keeping the other spouse from his or her fair share of a marital estate.

In many cases, this attempt of hiding assets is discovered during the divorce, often through the discovery process or with the aid of forensic accountants, however, there are also cases where the offending spouse succeeds in hiding the assets and they are not included in the final marital estate division.

If you have discovered that your ex-spouse hid assets during your complex divorce case, there is a good chance that you may still be able to recover what should have been legally awarded to you. The state of Texas has a legal statute which allows an ex-spouse to recoup undisclosed assets. The law is called Suit to Divide Undivided Property and is part of the Texas Family Code.


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claimed expenses, hidden assets, high asset divorce, high-asset divorces, Williamson County complex divorce attorney, hiding assets, disclosed accounts, hidden bank accounts, complex property litigationIn many high asset divorces, one spouse will attempt to hide assets from the other spouse with the intention of denying that spouse his or her rightful share of the marital estate. However, an aggressive complex divorce attorney representing you decreases the odds of your spouse getting away with not disclosing his or her true financial worth.

There are steps that an attorney will take to uncover those hidden assets. Requesting your spouse's pay stubs, tax returns, cancelled checks, bank statements, brokerage account statements, and any other deposit accounts, as well as credit card statements, are all part of the discovery process. Those documents will be closely studied to see if there are discrepancies between what your spouse is claiming he or she has and what the documents say they have.

There are things that you can also do to see if your spouse is hiding assets. You probably know your spouse better than anyone and that knowledge could help in going over the documents that have been produced.

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