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Texas domestic abuse laws, Texas complex litigation lawyerDivorce can be challenging enough under normal circumstances, but when the issue of domestic violence is also in the picture, the divorce process is even more complex. Whereas typical divorce can involve a mixture of minor or major disagreements about finances, property, and lifestyle arrangements, domestic violence in the midst of divorce brings an entirely different level of fear to the surface for those undergoing separation. Partners are forced to worry about everything from their day-to-day survival, money and how they will support themselves without their partner, and whether or not their family will have a safe place to rest when the dust settles.

Protective Orders

The use of protective orders are critical anytime you feel you or your family are unsafe due to violence in the home. You can request a protective order from the courts and you should always keep it with you. If your spouse violates the order at any time, it is imperative that you call the police right away. Make sure all of your family members, friends, and neighbors are aware that you have a protective order in place. Keeping them informed will ensure that they can assist you in providing additional sets of eyes and ears in the event that your partner violates the order. If the order is violated and you do call the police, it is also important to have a personal safety plan in place, should they not arrive right away. A personal safety plan can include a number of preparations, including the following:


domestic violence, financial stress, recession, abuse, violence, Austin, divorce, lawyer, attorneyFinancial stress and economic downturns may have serious consequences for victims of domestic and family violence. As tensions rise due to financial pressure, victims may be subject to more severe forms of violence, or an increased frequency of violence.

In one 2012 study, researchers found that eight out of 10 domestic violence shelters in the United States reported an increase in women seeking help following the economic downturn in 2008. Unfortunately, although demand for help was up, funding for services and prevention efforts were down overall nationwide. This lead to many abuse victims staying with their abuser for longer periods of time. In fact, 74 percent of victims who participated in the study reported that they stayed with their abuser longer due to economic concerns. Though the weak economy cannot be blamed for creating abusers, the study did find that it lead to an increase in the frequency and severity of abuse. According to shelters, 70 percent of women listed financial issues as a factor in their abuse, while 45 percent named job loss as a contributing factor. Unfortunately, these same factors led to the reduction of services by many shelters across the country. Nearly half of all participating shelters reported they had to cut services, with 40 percent of those cuts occurring to services such as transitional housing, individualized support, or advocacy efforts due to financial constraints. Additionally, many shelters were forced to cut child care, which can make it more difficult for abuse victims to find jobs. Domestic violence is a serious issue. While it can be incredibly stressful and frightening, there are services and help available to you if you are a victim of domestic violence. A qualified attorney can help you with legal concerns, including getting an order of protection if necessary. If you are a victim of domestic violence, contact an AustinĀ family law attorney today.

texas order of protection attorneySadly, although the winter season might be associated with New Year joy, for victims of domestic violence, the winter can be the most difficult part of the year. Domestic violence shelters report that they see more clients during the winter.

The long winter months, especially when combined with increased financial pressures or the loss of a job, can add extra stress to a situation where domestic violence is already an issue. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be able to use a protective order as part of your overall safety plan. To learn more about your options, you should consult with a family law attorney.

You can get a protective order in Texas if you are a victim of family violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual assault. The applicant for an order has to go to court to demonstrate that family violence has occurred and that more family violence is likely to occur in the future. This can be a scary prospect for a current victim of violence, which is why having a knowledge attorney at your disposal can make the process easier.


MelissaTexas newspaper Austin-American Statesman first reported the story in early March about a Pflugerville woman who is facing a felony injury to a child charge after reportedly using a stun gun to taser her 14-year-old son four times. The affidavit claims that the son was punished after he went to play basketball without permission. Kimira Hysaw, 32, allegedly used a pink stun gun in order to discipline her son, whom she calls a "handful." She also claims that she threatens him with it often, and that she doesn't "even know where [her] child is half the time." After telling this to authorities, she refused to speak more of the incident. The New York Daily Times claims that the event was first reported by the 4-year-old daughter, who told her teacher about the incident and drew a pink stun gun, saying that it was kept in her mother's purse. She also told them that her brother was tased four times by her mother, including once in the head, while her father held him down. When the son was questioned, Texas authorities noticed burn marks and other injuries consistent with stun guns on his back and arms. Unfortunately, the son was uncooperative, stating that he doesn't get involved with his mother's business. Hysaw and her husband have children ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services declined to comment on the pending case, but did state they usually remove children from homes being investigated for their own safety. Causing injury to anyone is a very serious offense. If there is violence in your family, a domestic violence attorney can help with orders of protection. Victims of any attack resulting in a personal injury should speak to an Austin family law attorney today to start working on your case.

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