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Posted on in High Asset Divorce

Texas divoece lawyerMany couples who go through a divorce disagree on what constitutes a fair division of assets. These disagreements can become especially contentious when a couple has a significant amount of assets, or unusual non-traditional property. In these cases, the parties must be able to provide proof of the value of the assets in question to ensure that both individuals receive a fair portion. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult process for certain types of valuable assets, such as fine art, antiques, sports memorabilia, and collectibles, so retaining a high asset divorce attorney who has the resources and experience necessary to grapple with these kinds of issues is critical to the prompt and fair division of property during a divorce.

How Do I Place a Value on Unusual Assets?

Valuation is a key part of the property division process for high asset couples because the amount that each party will receive varies depending on the value of each of their assets. Unfortunately, estimating value for unusual items, such as artwork, can be difficult, as the couple may not even know its actual worth. For this reason, most high asset couples will need to work with an expert appraiser who can inspect the object and then determine how much it would go for at auction.


b2ap3_thumbnail_property-division.jpgWhen a couple has difficulty seeing eye to eye as they begin the process of ending their marriage, it often takes an aggressive divorce attorney to step in and help address the core legal issues and ensure that the client’s best interest is protected. It is not uncommon for disagreements to arise about everything from alimony and child support to the division of assets and parenting plans.

Property Division According to What Is “Just and Right”

One area in particular that can cause problems for divorcing spouses is the ownership and division of property. Usually, courts in the state of Texas will divide property based on what they believe is best for everyone, taking into consideration the needs of the family, instead of dividing property equally.

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