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Texas divorce attorney, Texas family lawyerEven when a couple chooses not to officially get married, their relationship may qualify as a common law marriage. In these cases, separating couples are still required to go through the process of divorce, so if you have questions about whether your relationship qualifies as a common law marriage and what steps you need to take to obtain a divorce, it is critical to contact an experienced complex divorce attorney who can explain your rights and responsibilities.

Common Law Marriage Requirements

Before ending a long-term relationship, couples should make sure that their union does not qualify as a common law marriage, which requires that the couple has:


Texas family law attorney, Texas complex litigation lawyer, Texas high asset divorce attorney, Could informal marriage be the next big transition in family law? Such relationships are already becoming the norm in many parts of Latin America, and the cultural shift could well follow these immigrants to the Lone Star State. For example, in Columbia, 84 percent of babies are born to unmarried mothers. There are similar statistics in a number of other countries, including Mexico.

The trend could most likely affect Texas because it is one of only a handful of states that recognizes informal marriage for all purposes. While it is relatively easy to enter into a common-law marriage, such a relationship can be difficult to dissolve, even in a high-asset divorce.



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Texas marriage laws, Texas co,plex litigation attorney, Texas divorce lawyer,Texas is one of the few states that recognize informal marriages for all purposes, although most jurisdictions do give legal force and effect to common-law marriages from other states. As the name implies, an informal marriage does not require a license or ceremony. However, to dissolve one of these relationships, there must be a legal divorce and perhaps even a complex child custody hearing.

Proving a Common Law Marriage

One or both spouses can file a Declaration of Informal Marriage. As this document does not require the signature of both parties and does not need to be notarized, it cannot prove a common law marriage without supporting evidence during a high net worth divorce. According to Section 2.401 of the Family Code, the three legal elements of an informal marriage are:

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