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TX divorce lawyerWhen parents get divorced, they may need to address a wide variety of complex child custody issues. In addition to determining how they will work together to raise their children going forward, they will need to make decisions about when children will spend time with each parent, who will have a say in major decisions about children’s lives, and other matters related to parents’ rights and responsibilities.

Whether parents are able to reach an agreement on these decisions, or a judge makes a final ruling on matters related to child custody, the terms of the parents’ divorce decree are meant to remain in place going forward. However, parents may wish to modify the terms of their parenting agreement in some situations, including cases where a parent plans to move to a new home with their children. Both parents will want to understand their rights and the procedures followed in cases involving parental relocation.

Parental Relocations and Geographical Restrictions

In most Texas divorce cases, parents will be named as “joint managing conservators” of their children. This means that they will share equal rights and responsibilities when making decisions about how their children should be raised. However, one parent will usually be granted the exclusive right to determine the children’s primary residence. This parent will typically be the “custodial parent” with whom children spend most of their time.


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Texas family lawyerWhen a divorce is finalized, the court sets the terms of child support, spousal maintenance, and visitation. Although these terms are generally deemed final, there are situations where courts are willing to modify a divorce decree. If you believe that your child custody arrangement or support agreement should be modified, it is important to contact a high asset divorce lawyer who can help you modify your divorce decree.

Mutual Agreement

One of the easiest ways to modify an order related to child custody, child support, or alimony is by mutual agreement. In these cases, both parties file a petition with the court that contains the agreed upon changes. As long as those changes are in the best interests of the couple’s children and the judge approves them, the previous divorce decree can be altered, usually without any hearings or trials.


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Texas high asset divorce attorney, Texas complex litigation lawyer, Austin high asset divorce lawyer,Most people relocate twelve times during their adult lifetimes, with a majority of these moves prompted by job changes and coming before age 45. Since many people in this age group have young children, modification of existing divorce or family law orders is often necessary. This is especially true in Texas, because of the vast distances between communities, at least in most parts of the state.

Some people put off modifications in these instances, preferring to rely on the "mutual agreement" provision in the Standard Possession Order. Such an agreement does not replace a complex child custody proceeding, but it does make the process somewhat more straightforward.

Custody/Visitation Modification


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Texas complex custody attorney, Texas complex litigation attorney, Texas family law attorney,Even though a considerable amount of time and effort are poured into complex custody orders, they are not meant to last forever. In fact, as a rule of thumb, most such orders should be modified at least one every three or four years, to keeps pace with a family's changing needs.

Frequent modification is important, because "side agreements" are always unenforceable in family court, even if they are in writing. Many parents come to rely on these understandings, such as a different visitation schedule or pickup time. Then, when the other parent suddenly decides to go back to the way it was, they are left without recourse.

Basis for Modification

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