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Preparing for a Custody Evaluation in a Texas Divorce

 Posted on January 10, 2023 in Child Custody


Travis County, TX child custody lawyerIn a perfect world, parents who decide to end their marriage are able to come to an agreement on custody and visitation. Unfortunately, it is far more common for parents to disagree on child custody arrangements and a complex court battle often ensues. In these cases, the court will typically order a custody evaluation, also referred to as a social study in Texas family law. The following is a brief overview of this process. If you are divorcing your spouse and anticipate a complex child custody dispute, make sure to contact Powers and Kerr, PLLC for legal assistance.

What Is Involved in a Custody Evaluation?

When parents are unable to present an agreed-upon parenting plan to the court, the judge may order a custody evaluation in order to obtain additional information regarding the background and lifestyle of each parent, their parenting styles, the type of home environment they could provide the child, their employment situation, and relationship status. The evaluations are usually conducted by social workers or some other professional whose background includes working with children and families.

The evaluator’s goal is to gather enough information to be able to present the court with a detailed report and recommendation on what type of custody plan would be in the best interest of the child. Some of the steps the evaluator will take include:

  • Conduct interviews with both parents, the child, other family members, and friends

  • Conduct visits to both parents’ homes

  • Conduct background checks on both parents and other adults who are/would be involved in the child’s living situations (i.e. significant other of a parent)

  • Conduct interviews with other professionals involved with the family, including teachers, therapists, and doctors

Preparing for a Custody Evaluation

One of the things the evaluator will request from each parent is a list of references they will want to interview regarding parenting skills and history as a parent. It is important to not just have family members on your list of references.

It is also critical to be fully prepared for your interview with the evaluator. Working with a skilled child custody attorney can make all the difference in how confident you are during the interview. Your attorney will work with you beforehand, helping you prepare for the questions the evaluator will likely ask.

Contact a Travis County Divorce Lawyer

Child custody battles can be stressful. It is critical to have a seasoned and aggressive Austin, TX complex child custody attorney advocating for you and protecting your parental rights. Do not delay in calling Powers and Kerr, PLLC at 512-610-6199 to schedule a confidential consultation.



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