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Can Child-Related Expenses Be Added to a Texas Child Support Order?

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TX divorce lawyerIn Texas divorce cases, child support is often one of the most crucial issues that will need to be addressed. This support will ensure that children will have the financial resources to address their daily needs. However, parents may be unsure about exactly what is covered by child support and whether additional support may be ordered to provide for different types of expenses. By working with a family law attorney, parents can make sure issues related to child support are addressed correctly, and they can determine how they can best provide for their children’s needs.

Medical and Dental Support and Variances from Child Support Guidelines

In Texas divorce and family law cases, child support is calculated by multiplying the net resources of the obligor (the parent who will be paying child support) by a certain percentage that is based on the number of children being supported. Child support calculated using these guidelines is meant to cover children’s ongoing needs, including food, shelter, clothing, childcare, transportation, and extracurricular activities.

In addition to the amount of child support calculated using the guidelines provided in Texas law, parents will also be required to provide both medical support and dental support. A parent will be required to obtain health insurance and dental insurance coverage for children or pay the reasonable cost of coverage obtained by the other parent. Reasonable costs of medical insurance cannot exceed 9% of the obligor’s annual financial resources. Reasonable costs of dental insurance cannot exceed 1.5% of the obligor’s annual financial resources.

In some cases, a court may determine that child support calculated using the guidelines would be unjust or inappropriate based on the family’s circumstances. A variance from the child support guidelines may be ordered based on factors such as the expenses of child care that is necessary for either parent to be gainfully employed, medical expenses that are not covered by insurance, and whether children have any extraordinary expenses related to education or other aspects of their lives.

When addressing child support, parents are encouraged to reach an agreement that will provide for their children’s ongoing needs while also allowing both parties to maintain financial stability. To determine a fair amount for child support, parents will want to consider the income they both earn, their regular household expenses, the costs of insurance coverage, and whether their children will have extraordinary needs such as private school tuition or expenses related to sports, music lessons, or other activities.

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